You knew me when

Today I wanted to start a blog about my journey from ‘writer’ to ‘author.’  Really I should have started blogging about this 20 years ago, but the internet didn’t exist then and the word blog didn’t exist then and I was pretty busy getting drunk and learning about quantum physics.  So, with apologies for having to summarize the first twenty years, I promise to do a faithful job of documenting the next few.

I started writing extensively in middle school.  Someone gave me a journal and I slapped a “The Book of Stupid Little Stories” title on it and proceeded to fill it with stupid little stories.  The stupid little story format remained viable for me for the next 30 years or so.  In high school, I wrote them on the backs of class notes and college ruled paper.  In college, they started being written electronically and distributed through a new techology called email.  Those stories were transfered to my Mac, then to my laptop, and finally into a book form.

“Briefs for the Reading Room” is my first foray into ‘Publishing on Demand’, also refered to as ‘vanity publishing’ by those who have been published already and need a derisive term for those of us trying to do it ourselves.  It’s already been an adventure, as I go along I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.  Check back often to discover how my trip from ‘loser with a book on his hard drive’ to ‘winner with a published, selling book’ is going.

Talk to you soon!



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