What a tangled web we weave!

Thanks for stopping back!  I’m sure you’ve been pining away for another post.  I’ll admit, I’ve come back twice to post again and had to figure out how to actually do it.  Rest assured, I have the technical part figured out so I’ll be posting more frequently.

Yesterday, I ordered my ISBN numbers.  This is a prohibitively expensive thing you need to have to make your book sellable to bookstores.  There’s a company that has a virtual monopoly on assigning them and they make you buy 10 at a time so it’s a big leap of faith to truly self publish.  To add insult to injury, it will take 15 business days to get these overpriced number and after that I have to figure out how to make a barcode with the information included.  So, whining aside I went ahead and ordered them and now I’m Marvcorp Publishing.

So far only 7 people have taken the plunge and ordered a book.  This, of course, is nowhere near enough to pay for what I’ve spent so far which is in the hundreds.  If you’re doing this on your own there is no ‘cheap’ way to get a book launched.  It’s expensive, time consuming, and has a definite potential for soul crushing rejection.  I’ve managed to look past this by pretending it’s happening to someone else, maybe you for instance.  Ha ha look at you, no one wants your book!  There, I feel healthier now.

Check back and I’ll let you know how the ISBN thing goes.  Take care!


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