Race to the wire!

I am about to start truly self publishing Briefs and have to send Amazon a book for them to have in inventory before it will be added to the site.  While that should be straightforward, I’ve decided I need to make the cover more interesting and make sure the inside is completely perfect before I upload it to the publishing site.  I’ve enlisted the help of Shannon at the Lulu Book Review site and he’s been very helpful on the cover.  My wife was suckered into helping with the editing with promises of untold riches once I become a best selling author. 

I’m hoping to get everything in the cleaned up and final form by this Friday, then uploaded to the publishing site.  I have to order one copy to make sure everything came out right.  Hopefully this copy will be perfect and I’ll be able to send it to Amazon.   It’s going to be a foot race so check back often to see if I meet my January 30th shipping date!


One response to “Race to the wire!

  1. Wow that’s so exciting! I’d love to hear more about your experiences, on NiH sometime?
    And remind me to put it in the NiH ‘shop’.

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