Getting Closer…

briefs-cover-pic-small1Yesterday I took a half day of vacation to ‘finish’ Briefs.  I finished up the cover art and sent it to Shannon to run through his cover program around 4PM.  I finished proofing the book and sent it to him to put into a PDF about 10 last night.  Whew!  That was a lot of work.  I still have to set up the book on LSI when I get the files back from Shannon and then order the proof copy.  I’m not sure how hard that will be or how long it will take.  I have nine days, but the proof copy comes with express shipping.

I did fix two fairly significant things in the edit.  About half way through the book, Word had changed the formatting, adding a space behind each paragraph.  I fixed each story from there on.  That caused some bigger blank areas at the end of stories, so I added several more ‘Fabricated Factoids”, etc.  I also fixed a problem with the footer/page number that had a space in the line at the bottom of the page.  The rest of it was pretty minor, a heading in the wrong font, a few wrong words that spell check wouldn’t pick up (reign vs rein, etc).

I hope to be able to report by the end of the weekend that it is not only uploaded but looks good!


2 responses to “Getting Closer…

  1. Flugleshnort Tidlly hopper


  2. I had the same issue with Word when working on Misfit McCabe
    and fought with it again and again. I wasn’t able to get the spaces out until I re-did the book in hardbound version for the traveling book project Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?”, so I feel your pain in fighting with the program trying to get something ready for printing and seemingly foiled at every turn.

    LK Gardner-Griffie

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