Gear Change…

Yesterday I got around to asking LSI about distribution.  For $12 a year, they will distribute my books and add them to Amazon and B&N.  That’s a small price to pay compared to the mountain of paperwork I downloaded from B&N and the hassle of sending Amazon my book.  I mailed Amazon my book over a week ago and they still don’t show it as having been received.  The other nice thing about LSI’s distribution is that it’s through Ingram, one of the largest book distributors.  That immediately makes me look more professional than just saying “I’m distributing it myself.”

Also yesterday I filled out the paperwork to have Joseph-Beth carry my book in Lexington.  That should open the door to having a book signing there and get my sales jump started.  It will take a month to hear from them, I hope they decide to accept my book.  It would be neat to go to a local bookstore and see my book on the shelf! 

So, that’s the updated for today, distribution and a book store.  It seems like the pace of progress is slow but it IS progress!  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually sell another book 🙂


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