So that was dumb

I’ve been wondering for weeks why Amazon hadn’t bothered to post a picture of my book.  Seething is more like it.  Finally I got to playing around on my vendor site today and realized I had to upload one.  Oops!  So, that’s done and hopefully it will be up soon.  I also changed the description significantly.  I’ll post the new description when it is approved by Amazon, they state 5-7 days.

Apart from that, I’ve asked “Poor Richard’s Books” in Frankfort to carry my book, no word back from them yet though.  I have to figure out how to get into the Kentucky Book Fair this year too, I had written to them after last year’s and I just have to dig up the reply.  It involved sending them two copies of the book that they won’t return.  Oh well, if it sells a few copies it will be worth it.

I’m also working on a screenplay along with another writer.  It’s the first collaborative project I’ve worked on, and the first screenplay.  It”s a neat project and I’m learning a lot if nothing else.


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