Yesterday I added www.danmarvin.net to the world wide web.  For the moment, it points to this blog site so people can follow my journey from schlub to author.  Eventually, I am hoping that danmarvin.net will be the internet’s premier portal for my books, insights, thoughts, inklings, ideas, notions, words, trifles, details, philosophies, utterances, nuances, and minutia.   Heavy on the minutia! 

I’ve also ordered the initial batch of my books so I can start ramping up the marketing machine.  I’m going to put out a press release, send a copy to the local newspapers, and submit them to the Kentucky Book Fair that happens in June.  They shipped on Friday so I’d expect to see them any day now.  There, you’re up to date!


One response to “DanMarvin.net

  1. A well-designed site. Congratulations are due you.

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