As Seen on TV!

The Fox56 Morning Edition Set

The Fox56 Morning Edition Set

Today I had the interview for Fox 56s Morning Edition.   The process was very interesting, the interview itself should air in the next two weeks.  I stopped by the studio a few minutes before 8 AM and watched Jennifer Nime Palumbo and Todd Borek finishing up their morning broadcast.  Afterwards, Jennifer taped some promos for tomorrow’s program.

At about 8:15, it was my turn.  After a few fact checks, Jennifer loaded information into her Tele-Prompter and we started in.  She asked me about the book of course, about writing in general, if I have any advice for other authors, and the book signings I have coming up.  It seemed like it was over almost before it began but I guess we chatted for 2 minutes or more.  Within 35 minutes I was in and out and on my way. 

When the interview airs, I will make sure to get a copy of it to link to here and will probably put it onto Youtube as a promo for the book.  All in all, a neat experience!


3 responses to “As Seen on TV!

  1. Amber Johnson

    Congratulations on your interview, Dan…wow, TV, book signings, appearances!!! You’re coming into your own. I’ve enjoyed your writing and can’t wait to be able to purchase “A Change of Briefs”. Keep up the good work!

  2. What a fun experience! Congratulations on getting a TV spot.

    Now for the real question. . .I get all of the tags for the article but. . . fish and asparagus stew?????

  3. Dan,
    Congratulations on getting the spot, and hope the you continue to reach the top.

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