What is he shoveling?

What is he shoveling?

Whew! What a whirlwind of activity here around DanMarvin.net. I’ve redesigned the site, I hope you like it. I added a custom header picture (with the outhouse), and added a button for buying Briefs with Paypal.  That took quite a bit of research, but I finally got it and I think it looks quite spiffy.  I also changed the background theme to be a little cleaner, lined up the pages in the order I wanted them to appear, and added some new graphics.  Oh, and I added a preview.  I’m still waiting to hear about when the Fox56 interview is going to air, but it should be in the next few days.  Stay tuned!

Other stuff:

For all of you writers out there, Friday is “Writer’s Worth Day” where we try to get paid what we’re worth.  For more information, visit the Words on the Page blog by Lori Widmer.  It’s worth the click!

Also, an article about Briefs now appears on Not Negative News, a web site for… well, news that isn’t negative.


2 responses to “Overhaulin’

  1. Thanks for the link, Dan!

  2. Happy Writers Worth Day!

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