Book Signings Aren’t for Sissies…

Joseph-Beth Book Signing

Joseph-Beth Book Signing

Dateline Lexington – June 7th, 2009… Police responded to a call due to overcrowding at the Joseph-Beth bookstore as Dan Marvin and 3 fellow Kentuckians signed their books.  Tear gas and pepper spray failed to suppress the enthusiasm of the crowd and the event had to be cancelled after all the books were sold in the first 10 minutes…

Well, that’s not QUITE how it went.  The four regional authors featured at June’s book signing at Joseph-Beth had a tranquil two hours of it.  It was interesting to get out and meet other authors and share ideas though.  I also got a contact for the LEX18 news producer, so I sent her an email to see if she wanted to feature my book on an upcoming segment.  Here’s hoping my signing on the 21st will go better! 

Speaking of interviews, there is now a link to my interview from last week on the right hand side of each page, feel free to check it out and let me know how I did.  Unless I did poorly, then just check it out…


2 responses to “Book Signings Aren’t for Sissies…

  1. I love your inventive hook in the beginning. I was completely amazed that fans would react that way. Congrats on the success of your book!

  2. hey dan. good luck with the signings. i hate to beg, but is there any chance you could send me the emial of the lex18 contact. im definatly not local, but at least if i try and get attention i might get a word out. looking good.

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