Signing Away…

Discussing "Briefs" at the local library

Discussing "Briefs" at the local library

Today I had the benefit book signing for the Anderson Humane Society.  Although the ladies from the library and the humane society were both apologetic that more people didn’t come out, I was personally happy with how it went.  Unlike two weeks ago when I didn’t sell a single book, I sold quite a few this time out.  I was able to donate $50 to the Humane Society and had my single biggest book sales day to date.  I definitely think having some one on one interaction is a must, people were able to ask questions, chit chat about whatever they wanted, and it didn’t feel like I was ‘selling’ as much as getting to know some nice people.  We talked about dogs and the library and writing and reading and burgoo.  Thanks Anderson Humane Society and Anderson Public Library!


One response to “Signing Away…

  1. Thanks for helping raise $ for the Humane Society. Sorry I didn’t hear about it til tonite.
    PS enough about your cat, let’s hear more about the horses!

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