Other People’s Books

When the LLBookReview was kind enough to review Briefs, I became a frequent visitor to the site.  I was impressed that someone was passionate enough about self publishing to want to help out other authors with reviews and information.  When a post came up asking for another reviewer, I was quick to throw in my hat.  The owner of the site, Shannon, offered me the gig and I jumped in with both feet.

On Tuesday, my 10th review went live.  I’ve also done a couple of reviews on my own at my New Media Reviews site.  Reviewing other people’s books is rewarding but challenging.  I see in their successes ways to improve my writing.  I see in their shortcomings things to avoid to improve my writing.  At first I was reviewing books from PDFs but I just don’t read that way.  Getting on the computer for a couple of hours to read a book just doesn’t work into my lifestyle.  Once I started requesting a hard copy of the books I was reading, it became much easier and more fun. 

Writing can be a selfish, solitary pursuit.  Writers tend to get wrapped up in their own writing.  It’s a natural thing, you’re pouring your time and energy and soul into it, you want other people to enjoy it and you want to talk about it.  By doing these reviews, I’ve gotten to ‘meet’ some really good writers and give back a little.  I encourage you to explore the work of independent writers.  Find books that aren’t on the aisles at Walmart.  Take a chance, gamble a few bucks on a book that may or may not suck.  Read the reviews.  If you like it, take a minute to say so on the author’s web site or Amazon page or parole board.  You’ll be glad you did!


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