Now on Kindle – Thomas Granger!

The exciting cover

I’ve had Briefs for the Reading Room available as a Kindle book since 2008 and, truth be told, it sold more copies than the print version.  I can understand that.  It’s cheaper, and when you’re done with it you don’t have to cram it into a bookshelf somewhere, proof that you read a bathroom book.  So, I decided last month to get serious about getting my full length novel cleaned up and published for the Kindle as well. 

Thomas Granger was written about 10 years ago and took about 7 years to actually write.  If you’ve never written a novel, it takes longer than you think.  If you have written a novel then you know what I’m talking about.  Writing, editing, wringing your hands and thinking what you wrote is awful, re-reading it and deciding it’s actually OK, finding time to write amidst raising kids and watching football… it all adds up to potentially years of writing.  So, after all that time I published Thomas as a book on Lulu and then moved on with other projects.  Until now!

Through the miracle of Amazon’s Digital Text Platform, I can offer you Thomas Granger in all its original glory.  If you want more description, you can click on the Thomas Granger tab on this web page.  Soon I hope to have it available in the Apple ibook store, Barne’s and Noble’s e-book store, and other electronic venues.  Stay tuned for that announcement.

So, I urge you to follow this link and go buy Thomas Granger for your own Kindle, iphone, ipad, or computer.  You’ll be glad you did!


One response to “Now on Kindle – Thomas Granger!

  1. betweenhearts75

    Just bought the Kindle version of your book Dan, per our discussion on LinkedIn, and looking forward to reading! Just subscribed to your blog as well.

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