Two new places to read me

I’ll confess, not every story I write is literary gold.  I know, I know, you disagree, but you don’t see BEHIND the scenes.  For every three stories I get published, one doesn’t make the grade.  So a day like this, when TWO things show up with the by Dan Marvin byline somewhere online, is worth celebrating.  Get out the champagne and noise-makers because I have two opportunities for you to peruse.

The first is a story called Maneaters that has had a bit of a rough life.  It started out as a completely different story, also called Maneaters.  The original version was submitted to MicroHorror magazine and rejected.  Nathan liked the idea but ended up with questions.  “QUESTIONS?” I railed at him in my head.  “How can you possibly dislike something that I wrote just because it raises QUESTIONS?”  However, after I gave it some thought I realized that oh my God, this is the most horrible story that has ever been written and what to heck was I thinking and I’ll never be a writer and how could I have even sent it to anyone and no one will ever read another one of my stories ever.  So, I sat down to re-write Maneaters and thankfully he liked the re-write and… well, you can find it here.

Next up… a review of the book The Raven Girl.  Remember last year when I was still doing reviews for the LLBookReview?  And then remember how I stopped doing reviews for the LLBookReview for awhile because my life got really busy?  Guess what?  I’m back!  My first book review of 2011 for the LLBookReview is now up.  The Raven Girl is a good book about a foreign girl who washes up on the shores of Ireland in the 1480’s.  She hides out from the… well geeze, you don’t need me to explain it all again, just go here and read it.


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