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Dan Marvin’s Head

Hi!  So you want to know all about me, eh?  I live in Florida with my wife, youngest daugher, and an ever-changing variety of pets.  I have been writing stories since I was quite young.  My wife is from Texas, she’d have some way of saying ‘quite young’ that sounds more charming than that, like knee high to a grasshopper or something clever.  Not me, I’m a yankee boy and we say things like ‘quite young’ and leave it at that.  I guess that’s why our iced tea isn’t as good, we’re too impatient.  So as I was saying, quite young ago I started writing and really never stopped right up to this very second.  Much of what I wrote starting about 1986 or so was on a computer.  That meant that I had hundreds of stories polluting my hard drive and they were just sitting there.  “Why not compile them,” a masochistic voice inside my head asked.  “You can turn them into a book and then send it to agents and publishers who will either ignore you or send you notes that say things like ‘not for me’ and ‘no thank you’ and ‘get bent.’  That will be good fun!”

Oddly enough, I listened to that voice.  Oh yes, how I compiled.  I edited and compiled and had a beer and then compiled and edited some more until Briefs for the Reading Room emerged, ready for the world.  Now it’s out and in circulation and you’re here and I’m trying to sell it to you.  There are other books, of course.  Books like Thomas Granger which sit idly by while the hysteria over Briefs subsides.  It’s available somewhere online, I dare you to find it.  I also have  A Change of Briefs for the Reading Room which has some samples and its own tab.

So, all that writing from the time I was belly high to a wild sow (I made that one up, maybe I can be Texan someday too!) has finally paid off in this interesting hobby.  Thanks for stopping by!

Dan Marvin – April 2009/March 2010/April 2017


6 responses to “About Me

  1. I’m your wife, and I’m teasing. I don’t want the cat dead. If the cat were dead, I would have upset children and I would have to have a funeral for the cat. I have no funeral material for a cat. The cat stays. He often brings over cuter and more engaging cats for me to enjoy, so he’s not so bad.

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  3. Flugleshnort Tidlly hopper

    If wishes were fishes, we’d have a mess fried. But then your cat might eat til he died. In which case you would have to wash him with Tide, requiring cat funeral material besides.

    We sit and we stare at the computer screen, too lazy to move, too fat to be lean. To comment in life is not just strictly for teen, it’s for middle age happily married has- beens. 🙂

  4. I love your wit!!!!!
    Keep going as I think you are awesome and the cat is REALLY cute!!!

    Take care,
    Fellow Canadian fan,

  5. Dan,
    I wonder if you have ever heard of GAGNON the swamp mutoid who drives his guacamolemobile through the dental floss forests…among other things.

    • You must be referencing my highly controversial ‘Book of Stupid Little Stories.’ ah, those halcyon days of yesteryear when we had naught to do but write stories and calculate mole percentages…

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