220Welcome to!  This web site is a little about me, and a lot about my books Briefs for the Reading Room, Change of Briefs and Thomas Granger. 

Let’s face it, life gets busier every day.  There simply isn’t enough time in the day to read everything you’d like to.  In much the same way that microwave ovens revolutionized cooking dinner, Briefs for the Reading Room and Change of Briefs revolutionize the time you spend after dinner.  Now you can fill this otherwise wasted time with humor, suspense, intrigue, and factoids.

A Fresh Load of Briefs

Change of Briefs is my latest book.  It contains 108 freshly laundered stories for your enjoyment.  As the followup to the wildly popular Briefs for the Reading Room, this new book has more action, more adventure, and more semi-colons!

Preview Change by clicking here


Excerpt:  The doctor seemed very nice and explained everything to me.  I would go to sleep and when I awoke, my brain would be in another body.  In a few days I could leave the hospital and take possession of my new wealth.  I felt some pangs of regret as the mask encircled my mouth, and then I felt nothing at all.

Grab Your Briefs!

Briefs for the Reading Room is the bathroom reader that defined the genre.  In Briefs, you will discover 102 ‘micro-novels’, 1 to 2 page stories that pack in a whole day’s RDA of fiction.  Briefs was the first fictional book designed specifically for the “Reading Room” and years of feedback from readers suggests it is more than up for the challenge!

Preview Briefs by clicking here.


Excerpt: “Colt,” the old man was saying, “what is the nature of the universe?”  “The ancient Greeks had one way of looking at it dad…” Colt started but suddenly there was a commotion from the other room.  The rest of the gang had been playing Bocce Ball and now someone had been caught cheating.  Syringes were drawn and things looked bad.

The Novel Thomas Granger

In the novel Thomas Granger, Rusty Rogers is a college Freshman at Fabian University.  His life is plodding along benignly enough until he meets Thomas Granger, the enigmatic heir to the Granger paper fortune.  Thomas convinces him to pledge a fraternity, introduces him to a girl he likes… and involves him in the murder of one of their professors.  Could Thomas be the culprit?  Will Rusty survive Hell Week?  Well, no and yes, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Preview Thomas Granger here


15 responses to “Books

  1. Hi Dan,

    Got your message from linkedin and I enjoyed your website. The blogspot radio show I plan to launch in May. I will provide more details this month. I think it would be fun to interview you.


  2. hi there Dan. Jonathan Shaw here, fellow writer just to say your website is great, as was the vid and I hope it boosts your sales. any chance you can come over to my website, and read an extract of my book for some constructive critisism? and how do you get an interview on tv?


  3. We watched the interview on your Blog.
    Now that you are a an important celebrity please be carful of young women that will try to gain your favor with erotic sex and exotic drugs.

    don’t want you to end up like Brit or Paris.

    • Norm, thanks for your concern. Although my pictures probably make me look like a vapid blonde girl in my 20’s, I’m actually a brunette. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, in a next one I’ll give a shout out to all my Texas homies…

  4. Love the blog! I also responded to your LinkedIn query about self-publishing. So, you’re a micro-fiction fan, are you? Have you heard of Quill Pill ( That’s where I publish mine!


  5. Congrats on the interview! I cross posted it to LLBR! 😉

  6. Dear Dan,

    Is it okay if we use your answer(s) to the discussion ‘What does it mean to be successful?’ in an e-book? Of course, your name and website will be included in this e-book, unless you choose not to do that. Glad to hear from you!

    Roeland Suylen

  7. Sir,
    Having finished your “Thomas Granger”, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my appreciation of the work with you and your loyal following.

    I understand that “Briefs” is the more popular of the two works, and that numerous copies are already in circulation. However, “Granger” is by far the superior.

    The finely turned phrases, illuminating the struggle between academia and self-realization, are full of pithy observation. Indeed, “Granger” can hardly be said to be pith-poor.

    Best of luck.

  8. Dan, thanks for your comments and suggestions on my writing excerpt.

  9. Wow Dan….look at you go! And on tv! A celebrity now…and I knew you when. I’m so proud of you.

  10. Dan, Things are going well. Hope to see the next book. Will they eat bacon in the end? I need contact info on you. Gord.

  11. Gord? what kind of weirdo name is that? and this Gord character doesn’t appear to be too bright. Asking for contact info? Didn’t you just contact him? Hope your well Dan the Man! Heister

  12. I found the look inside your Briefs to be very entertaining. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time — in a good way! More feedback at your LinkedIn post.

  13. I always use microwave ovens at home because they are very very convenient.-

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